Please Big Brother Santa? (You Bloated Hypocrite)

It was one of the most blatant cases of hypocrisy I’ve seen, and I have to admit I was amazed at how calmly the carmakers handled it.

I was catching up on the news this morning and saw a brief exchange between Sen. Shelby (AL) and a few of GM’s execs. They were back for a second round of sitting in Big Brother Santa’s lap asking for a little help (just a few trillion dollars, that’s all). The best part? When the questioning came around to how they got to Washington. Each GMer had to answer the question about their mode of transportation for the DC hearing, their accommodations, etc. According to the execs, they carpooled. In other words, they traveled a lot like us. I think this move was supposed to make us like them more.

My point is not to applaud or boo that. I do want to draw attention to the kettle calling the pot black. WOW! Washington insiders who live a life way different than the normal citizen were being almost interrogative to these entrepreneurs: “”How’d you get here?” “What did you drive?” “Who’d you come with?” It was like they wanted GM to be humiliated; like they wanted them to beg. Sure, they can ask whatever they want; they’re the ones giving away our money (that sounds funny, eh?). But I wonder, if the tables were turned, how our elected reps would respond to our questions about their lifestyle choices?!?

Have you checked out the perks and privileges of being a national politician? There is very little that doesn’t ring with elitism and high-brow status. Crazy if you ask me – putting the business execs on the spot when the people asking the questions are hiding behind an ivory tower. Just more proof to me the system is broken.

Hypocrisy is always a sign something’s wrong. And Washington’s got tons of it to go around. That’s one thing I don’t want for Christmas.

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  1. I hope you're not suggesting that our legislators spend our hard earned tax dollars on themselves Pastor? After all, I thought everyone had four homes and three tax shelters. ;)Seriously, thank you for pointing out obvious hypocrisy in Washington. I think the US auto makers are an example of sleeping during the harvest (Prov. 10:5); and yet the spoiled legislators choose to reward their shame.Thank you for being salt & light. Let's make our nations leaders "representative" again, and keep Christ in CHRISTmas.

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