Isaiah 56 and the Holocaust

The name of the Holocaust Museum in Israel, Yad Vashem, literally means “a memorial and a name,” and is taken from the phrase in Isaiah 56:5. No doubt the name is indicative of the purpose: to preserve a memory. [You can see some of the museum at]

However, when God uses the phrase, he is referring to something far bigger than just preserving a memory. He is talking about redeeming a people, even people not originally Jewish by nature. But that’s just how personal he is — he establishes covenant relationships that are even closer and more personal than what we know on earth. WOW! That’s a personal God, eh? And that’s what he is up to — bringing together a people from all languages, tribes, nations, and tongues who will shout his glory and spead his fame. Truly, He gives us his name so we can declare his!

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