Drawing Close

One of our readers (and now fellow blogger!) asked, “What are some ways to practically draw close to God?” In other words, we know he’s close and personal; what can we do on our end to access that? Ater all, the first half of James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God…”

In a word, obey! Yep, that’s the simple answer, and a very biblical one, too. Read Isaiah 56 and notice all the ways Isaiah asks for the foreigners and eunichs to obey. That’s how God determined their seriousness.

Specificlly, it was in regards to the Sabbath, but the principle is clear: Obedience is the best way to show God you are serious about drawing close. Whether it be by praying as he instructs, reading and studying his Word , meditating and memorizing Scripture, witnessing to others, giving of our resources, confessing our sins, etc, etc…obeying God competely and unconditionally speaks the loudest.

Wanna draw close? Do the next right thing –obey! — and God is there.

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