No Bait and Switch with God

Isaiah 55 opens with an astounding invitation. — “COME!” In fact, 18 verbs are used to say the same thing — invite all to come! Why? Because only God can really deliver on the promise of lasting satisfaction. In the openeing verses Isaiah talks about how other offers fail and pale, but Jehovah’s invitation actually delivers true fulfillment. That’s divine “customer service” that is perfectly consistent with every client.

Of course, to some people, this invitation sounds too good to be true; like maybe they’re staring at a spiritual “bait and switch”… not at all! That’s what others do for sure! But not God!

Truth is, you know why we wonder that? Because we see the invitation through man’s character, not God’s. Perhaps that’s why Isaiah contrasts the two different natures in play — man’s and God’s. (55:8-9 “my ways are not your ways…my thoughts are not your thoughts”)

You see, consistency is exactly what God is – and exactly what man isn’t! So if trusting him and his invitation seems risky, it’s only because you are viewing God more like a human than the divine and holy Creator who cannot fail. God is not like us – people who break promises and fail to deliver. No, God keeps his Word every time. He is perfectly consistent and faithful. Hallelujah!

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