His Two-Pronged Faithfulness

It’s a common verse we preachers use — Isaiah 55:11. Two words in this verse help me understand what really happens when God’s Word goes out. The words are “accomplish” and “achieve,” and they speak of different aspects of “success” of God’s Word.

“Accomplish” contains the idea of producing something; of manufacturing a product. No doubt God is bringing us to a place of completion (i.e., maturity), a place where we are recognized as his handiwork and masterpiece. For instance, when an old habit is broken because of God’s Word, it has ‘accomplished’ something in us. This speaks to the task at hand.

But God’s Word also “achieves” something in that it makes progress; it ‘carries on’ and furthers the work it is doing. For instance, when Christ-like attitudes are deepened, such as selflesness and service, then our ‘journey’ of sanctification has taken a good turn; we’ve taken steps on the path towards godliness. This speaks of the journey we’re on.

Either way, you can bank on this: When God’s Word is involved , it will do what it is designed to do. Whether stopping sinful things, producing godly things, or continuing a pattern of holy living, God and his Word is at the root of it all. And he will make sure his Word always produces (“accomplish”) what it needs to and always makes the progress (“achieve”) it needs to. Why? Because that’s the nature of our God: faithful! Completely consistent! Undeniably reliant!

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  1. One of the things I have enjoyed over time is how relevant and alive God’s Word can be to me when I take it seriously.Some times a passage is confusing or over my head. As I mature in my Christian walk or struggle during my walk on Earth, the same passage will come alive and meet a current need in my life.

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