A Personal God

Seems everyone knows God these days. Haven’t you heard the phrase of choice from television celebraties, media moguls, and sports stars? Here it is — “O my God!” (emphasis added)

Yep, looks like people everywhere are laying claim to God. A better question is, “Does God lay claim to us?” According to Isaiah 55-56, he is close enough to do exactly that (“he can be found” and “salvation is close at hand”). That’s the correct understanding of God’s personal nature — not that we found him, but that he found us, knows us, is close to us, and calls us by name.

To cement this, Isaiah lays out a beautiful picture of God’s personal nature towards us in 56:5 when he says God will give “a memorial and a name” that is better than that which sons and daughters have. Ther is a lot more here contextually that I will explain in a future blog, but suffuce it for now to say that being known by God is even more intimate and personal than how your parents know you. WOW…that’s personal! But that’s God — close and nearby! What a spirital Daddy!

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