God’s Exclusive Nature and Oprah

God’s exclusive nature doesn’t settle well with those who only want a benign, passive God. Why? Because exclusivity means possessiveness. And rightly so! Any covenant relationship that doesn’t have a bibically correct view of fierce loyalty (i.e., “jealousy”) isn’t a covenant relationship at all. It’s just an idolatrous pretense.

But God is rightly jealous. Fiercly loyal. Correctly possessive. Exclusively committed. Oprah may not like that fact, as expressed in her recent Web classes and on her show often, but changing God’s nature isn’t an option. “Reinventing” God as less exclusive and more equal is not an acceptable alternative. It is unbiblical and illogical from an argument’s standpoint, and deceitfully dangerous and damning from a personal standpoint. God’s exclusive, jealous nature must be correctly understood and properly taught. And Isaiah does that well, not only in chapter 49, but in much of the last half of the book (40-66). His jealousy is just, proof positve that he does operate consistently within his covenant towards his creatures.

Pray for Oprah to repent and come to a true, saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray she will see God as he really is. Pray against her “new earth church.” Pray that their message will be thwarted, their eyes opened, and minds renewed. Intercede for those headed towards damnation with hearts of compassionate mercy, wills of divine steel, and minds of biblical conviction (Jude 17-23). Truly, Romans 1 is happening before our eyes — “supressing the truth” … “exchanging the glory of the immortal God” … “worshipping the created things.” God help us to stand strong against error with the unfailing truth of sound doctrine.

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