God is a Disciplining Daddy

As I pull together my thoughts/notes for Sunday, March 2 (Isaiah 28-33 and God’s chastening nature), it is accompanied by a glaring passage in Hebrews 12 that echoes and reinforces what Isaiah is saying: God always brings out the best in his kids! Sure, in the moment it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to bring out the best in us, but it really is his end goal! He hasn; forgotten about us and he isn’t mad at us; he is simply producing in us what is needed most: the character of Christ. In fact, that kind of “discipline” is proof-positive we are his kids!

Here’s a thought…Know why he is intent on bringing out the best in us? So that we can be most used for his ultimate and sovereign purpose! So even in his chastening nature, God is eyeing the future and working towards his goal of ultimate glory!

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  1. hi Todd!It’s been a really long time… :)I’ve had a chance to see your beautiful family and see a bit of your youth leader ministry. It’s neat to see how the Lord has continued to use you. Here’s a funny thing that I still remember from youth group 20+ years ago: You were explaining the concept of chastening. In my mind’s eye you were saying “Chastening isn’t God chasin’ you, understand? God isn’t chasing you.” You were “walking” the fingers of both hands one after the other.Just thought I’d say “hey” and let you know that I enjoyed your blog.Blessings!Chapelle Pereda Haggarty

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