The Ballot Battle: What are the Platforms?

As a follow up to yesterday’s piece on the freedom area of voting, and as a way to respond to many of you who have honest, sincere questions, here are the official platforms, in alphabetical order, of the four parties that garner most of the … Read More

The Ballot Battle: How I Decide

Navigating the turbulent waters of political elections can be hazardous for many Christians, especially when there is deep disagreement even among friends. Add to this the tension and pressure many sense from our society over the obvious collision between the Bible and the culture on … Read More

Q Zone: Evaluating Political Leaders

Even though we are currently in Acts 3 as a church, one of the questions texted in during our service was from left field (or maybe right field, depending on your party affiliation): What are the biblical principles by which we should evaluate our political leaders? First, … Read More