5 Principles About Consequences

Consequences are the undertow of sin. They linger long after the wave of sin breaks, and can pull many away from the shore of safety. This was true in King David’s life. The undertow of his sin with Bathsheba affected many others—and himself—far longer and … Read More

The “I Don’t Knows” of Demonology

There is much we do know from God regarding Satan, sin, demons, and the war they’ve been raging against God’s purposes and people. As early as Genesis 3 and as late as Revelation 20, Scripture provides insight into much of the who, what, where, when … Read More

Q Zone: The Line Between Loving God and Loving the World

In a recent message from James 4:1-6 on fighting the war within, specifically pride and worldliness, a listener asked, “Where do we draw the line between worldliness and godliness? For example, we need to work to provide for our families, but when does that become … Read More

Q Zone: Is it a Sin…?

We often think Jesus’ final marching orders will leave us wondering only about witnessing and missions, but that’s not always the case. As these two questions reveal, there’s more to the Great Commission than meets the eye. Here’s some insight to a couple of intriguing … Read More