It’s STATurday: The Power of Small Groups

Each year I try to informally and spontaneously poll our weekend attenders in regards to two things: 1) their involvement in a small group, and 2) their commitment to serving on a ministry team on a regular basis. I never ask who is being polled … Read More

Many student groups engage in various Christmas projects each year. In fact, lots of beneficial projects happen annually. Unfortunately, these projects, while they serve a good cause, are typically short-lived and unchallenging. In other words, most are simply too easy. Here’s a way to help … Read More

Q Zone: Six Deacon Discussion Starters

Without a doubt, deacons were indispensable to the early church in Jerusalem. And they still are today! In both times these godly men are God’s agents to keep the church away from detours. Still, questions exist, and several came in this week during our service. … Read More