Obedience: Life-Giving or Limiting?

Obedience doesn’t limit the believer. It actually enables the believer to truly live. This is the heartbeat of Proverbs 7:2, where Solomon exhorts his son to “keep my commandments and live.” This simple statement, which opens the chapter, is set against the solemn warning that … Read More

Spiritual Snacks

Remember as a kid, just before dinner, when you’d get that sudden urge to have a snack?  Even if the evening meal was only ten minutes away, it seemed impossible to wait; those cookies and milk were too irresistible! But remember the inevitable result?  It only satisfied … Read More

Q Zone: What Would You Say…

We opened Holy Week this year with a look at the message of “first importance”–the gospel!–examining what Paul had to say about it in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. Without a doubt the Apostle testified to it’s veracity and vitality in what many consider to be the … Read More