Of All Nations

Just some pictures (and a few captions) of my current trip to south Asia. It’s experiences like this where Jesus’ last command—“make disciples of all nations”—comes into even greater focus for me as I see it played out person after person in all kinds of … Read More

Q Zone: Great Questions About the Great Commission

Our first week into our GO month series—“Understanding the Great Commission”—laid the necessary groundwork for the next three weeks, but still there are remaining questions. Here are three that came in during the service via our text line. [Click to listen or watch the message … Read More

Now What? Living in Light of 11 (Acts 11, that is)

Before itemizing a few action points from Acts 11, here are a few of the nut graphs from the message — the most essential statements and paragraphs that summarize this rich text. [You can listen to the entire message here.] “What God was doing in … Read More