The Justice Equation

Growing up, my mother would often say to me, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” It was a direct exhortation to watch out for the temptation to respond to injustice with injustice. My guess is you’ve heard the same thing in one way or another, … Read More

Justice Doesn’t Need a Qualifier

Ahmaud Arbury. George Floyd. Two men who died unjustly. When I watched the graphic videos, I was left with a raw speechlessness. And even rawer questions. Why chase a young man ruthlessly with guns? Why ignore an older man’s pleas for air? Whatever happened to … Read More

Q Zone: Why Did God Require Jesus’ Death?

Many often wonder, usually under our breath, why God required the death of his Son to atone for sin. We think to ourselves, “Surely there was an ‘easier’ way, wasn’t there? After all, he’s God, right? Why couldn’t he just accomplish the same result in a … Read More