There are some words that leave an eternal imprint on us once we read them. Their impact never goes away from the moment we see them. We never forget them once we hear them. Such is the case with “marvelous” in Mark 12:11. Meaning strikingly … Read More

Monday Morning Musings for September 3, 2018

The Gospel Grid in 1 Corinthians 15, which I explain in this message, isn’t a one-off sidebar or single-referenced mention in Scripture. Not at all! It’s everywhere by instruction and example.  And just this past week God’s Word was so encouraging to me as I read … Read More

6 Reasons Christians Don’t Get Past their Past

I just finished a summer series called “Traction”, and in it I explored six reasons some Christians are stuck in a rut spiritually, spinning their wheels yet not moving anywhere. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it is biblical, as well as all too common. Because some have … Read More

The Cross, the Tomb, and the Throne

There’s no doubt that the cross is the centerpiece of God’s glory. Because of the crucifixion, sin can’t condemn us! Romans 8:1 confirms that “there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 5:2 shouts, “Through him we have also … Read More

Q Zone: Is it a Sin…?

We often think Jesus’ final marching orders will leave us wondering only about witnessing and missions, but that’s not always the case. As these two questions reveal, there’s more to the Great Commission than meets the eye. Here’s some insight to a couple of intriguing … Read More

“Did You Really Say the ‘S-‘ Word?”

Yep, sure did. Read it and said it. I just let those syllables flow right out of the mouth and over the lips last Sunday as we worked through Colossians 3:18. Sub-mis-sion. Now I’ve even written it. Humor aside, it was a week of “skating … Read More

Blueprint Begins

One of the issues I’m pretty passionate about is that of family and home, which is why I’m really excited to start a new series tomorrow rooted in Colossians 3, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” It’s just a four-week emphasis, but we’ll dive in … Read More

9 from 9

I’ve been teaching through Romans since the first of the summer — what a humble delight and learning experience. In fact, every chapter I come to seems to be my favorite!  Here are 9 observations from Romans 9. (By the way, they’ll make more sense … Read More