3 Tips for Living Well: Father’s Day Advice from my Dad

My daughter recently wrote a simple piece about my father for a class she was taking. The assignment? Interview someone you admire, and write about their life. So she did. She called my dad and talked on three separate occasions, conversing each time for about … Read More

The Best Thing My Father Has Ever Done for Me

Most of the doors that have opened for me in my life have swung much easier and wider as a result of my father’s good name. Wearing his last name has been, and still is, a humble honor that, in so many unexpected ways, proves … Read More

Nothing Better Than Being a Dad!

It was one of my Red Letter days as a dad! Here’s how it went down… …I was delivering an orange to my almost-17-year old daughter at Quizno’s where she works. I stepped in, spoke, and she, as always, replied politely. She made her way … Read More