3 Tips for Living Well: Father’s Day Advice from my Dad

My daughter recently wrote a simple piece about my father for a class she was taking. The assignment? Interview someone you admire, and write about their life. So she did. She called my dad and talked on three separate occasions, conversing each time for about … Read More

Let’s “Flag” the Real Issue

I’m from the south. To be precise, the southeast—I was raised, for a few years, in South Carolina, and then mainly in Tennessee. So I’ve seen a thousand confederate flags, whether in the back widow of a truck or on a pole flying in someone’s … Read More

The Tree I Don’t Want to Be

Before you comment how gorgeous the tree is in my front yard, you need to know something. Ready? It’s only this beautiful about 14-17 days a year. Okay, 21 max. That’s 3 weeks at best. Yep, three. So for 49 other weeks, I’m dealing with what … Read More