What’s Underneath the 42 Names?

Matthew’s genealogy (Matthew 1:1-17), the royal “family tree” of Jesus, is a poetic, numeric defense of Christ’s right to the throne of David. He employs the number 14, the total numeric value of the consonants in the Hebrew name David (D=4, V=6, D=4), to accurately, … Read More

Our True Christmas Leader

We all know it’s Christmas. Just look around and you can easily see its December. But guess what else is going on right now? End-of-year political promises from our elected leaders.  Just check out your inbox, blog feed, radio, TV, or the Internet and you’ll … Read More

A Christmas Gift from Coach

Our son, Brett, played basketball for our city’s high school, the Ankeny Hawks. And, like other hoop athletes in his class, he had journeyed through the freshman teams, jumped into JV opportunities, and endured the bench as an underclassman, waiting patiently for his senior year. Why? … Read More

Have a Messy, Blessed Christmas

Christmas is a messy holiday. I didn’t say merry; I said messy. Think about it—it’s about a birth. Been to any birthing rooms lately? Well, Joseph’s and Mary’s was outdoors in a holed-out animal shelter. See what I mean? Messy! But no wonder—Parenting is messy. … Read More

Clamped, Ramped, and Cramped

I’m not the sharpest mind on the block, but I can notice repeated patterns if given a fair shake. And the “shake” of budgets and schedules during this time of the year—whether seasonal, relational, or occupational—has shown me something about my own relationships and leadership … Read More