4 Observations About How God Accomplishes His Will

Undoubtedly the saga of David and Absalom in 2 Samuel 13-19 is a riveting one. At one point David is fleeing Jerusalem to escape with his life while Absalom is entering it to usurp the throne. The events are spiraling either downward or upward, depending … Read More

5 Principles About Consequences

Consequences are the undertow of sin. They linger long after the wave of sin breaks, and can pull many away from the shore of safety. This was true in King David’s life. The undertow of his sin with Bathsheba affected many others—and himself—far longer and … Read More

7 Diagnostic Questions to Gauge Pride in Your Life

Pride plays no favorites. It cripples and ripples without regard to position, power, or past. Just ask King Saul. That being true, here are seven diagnostic questions that will help us gauge and measure the depth of pride in our life. Collectively, these can act … Read More