Must the Great Commission Be Completed Before the End Comes?

It’s a question discussed in seminary classes and missiological circles. Profs and students exchange views and opinions. Mission committees and sending agencies share their stances. The question? “Is Christ’s return contingent upon the completion of the Great Commission?” My short answer: Yes, it was. Let … Read More

Point and Counterpoint: Is it “Through” or “Out”?

The definitive and primary statement regarding saints of God and tribulation, or even more specifically the Tribulation (or hour of testing), is that God will protect them. Of this we are sure! The secondary question usually concerns how—Will God rescue them “out” of that intense … Read More

Big Words, Small Summaries: Five End-Time Views

In my post from yesterday I revealed the informal results from a casual Sunday survey I conducted recently about end times. And I suspect those who whom I unintentionally frustrated with the survey may have been equally irritated with the post, mainly because I still … Read More